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Crevice Weeds Writings—«waifs of many a wreck»—motley and fragmentary writings—sketchy and faulty—failed, perhaps—unconfined—along the borders, upon the thresholds and into the chinks of literature, «as foam that the sea-winds fret»…

15 articles avec lady dreamraiser

Northern Crown Addendum

… beautiful pale fingers brushing the harp, writing and talking together, eyes towards the ocean around Penmarch remembering Drystan and Essylt, dreaming awake, sitting into the wind before the roaring waves at the Pointe du Raz, aware illusion, going into the dark passage of Gavrinis within wavy and concentric engravings on the stones, reading and walking together, looking towards the Isle of Man under circling and shrieking seamews from Stranraer, alway eyes of shared dreams, walking among the shades of the standing stones, widened time at a standstill, traveling down deep inside to arise anew...

Oracles: Addendum To a Night Letter

… fallen leaves like scraps of written words in the breeze, whilst nether gates yawn within deep dark Trivia’s groves, hard by clear cold springs flowing out from mossy rifts as riddles uttered by voices mortal no more, and silver shapes seen in mirrors and waters, of which we dream together, blue fire throbbing throughout, in the cold night clear and blue, underneath the white Imbolc moon…

Beauty: A Draft

… whilst her eye’s dark shades and her lips and her swollen berries and the flaws which marks her pale perfection are kissed gently her lingering panting is music and the waves of her rapture are crashing and frothing on the shores of his hands and their breath blows like the dark wind in which oak leaves and hooded crows whirl over the waste shore and the dark groves of their dreamscapes which now are one …

As Caught By a Nymph

As Caught By a Nymph
As Caught By a Nymph

I own many books which bear traces of their former owners and most dearly loved by me are those traces which seems to be, or obviously are, inscribed by a lover to his, or her, beloved. In my very good copy of Swinburne’s Poems—one volume of an undated two volumes edition of the great poet’s works issued by David McKay, of Philadelphia, around the late Nineteenth century, with purple boards in textured cloth, the name of the author in a gold wreath on front and gold lettering on spine, top edges gilt, tissue-protected frontispiece portrait—many passages are carefully marked and sometimes underlined,...

Love and Poetry: A Daydream

… quel giorno più non vi leggemmo avante … in a throbbing pale blue mist which wax he follows her wavings and reads aloud of a Nymph, Queen of the Western Island which weaves and cut the thread and all along she strokes like wind on grassy mounds and rides wave upon wave of words made flesh and quickens in wet sweet panting her swinging and all the while he sways with her and reads aloud of the shape-changing Queen and priestess on her chariot like the vengeful witch which murdered her sons until words and cries are hushed with a clear spring of delight in a throbbing deep blue mist which wane...

Found in a Dreaming Night

Alessandro Zabini

If it is possible to assume that beside Wisdom there is a single wisdom for every single life that ever has been, is and will be; or if every single life has its aslant and liminal wisdom and its meaning in its particular oddity; then a single forgotten life has left its fleeting wisdom handwritten in blue ink on a flyleaf of an old ivory book published a long time ago by Thomas B. Mosher in Portland, Maine. It appears to be an inscription by a lover fancying of his beloved and I transcribe it as exactly as I can read it… «To dream of dreaming together with her» …

Afar Together (Northern Crown Crossway)

Alessandro Zabini

Whilst the Northern Crown Is Glowing Unseen Where the Northern Crown Is Glowing The Northern Crown Slightly Blurred By Haze Bright Tracings By the Northern Crown To Share the Light of the Northern Crown

To Share the Light of the Northern Crown

Alessandro Zabini

On the same night they both dreamed the same dream of gloaming wind over water Nine cloaked priestesses circling like crows around a fire in the long shadow of a standing stone Long hairs swaying in the wind and arms raised up to the pin between the worlds Evening Star At the same time they both saw, in a darkness alight with candles and fire, the same shape in a mirror From the vessel, through gloaming mists fading away, glimmered as a nymphlike light the island From the island was not hidden, by showers whose every drop was an enrapturing mirror, the vessel A white sail Afar Together (Northern...

Bright Tracings By the Northern Crown

Alessandro Zabini

Holding a ring and a silver key With pale fingers Tracing ancient tracks —Awake, he daydreamed away Evening Star Ancient traces on the mound They traced together A spring within an enwooded dark cove —Asleep, she dreamed away A white sail Afar Together (Northern Crown Crossway)

The Northern Crown Slightly Blurred By Haze

Alessandro Zabini

In the soft pale golden light sliced with blue flashes No circling speck of deep yellow gold gleams and shifts Into something like an orb with a dark blue blazing core Evening Star Though whitish or hazy or nacreous drifts forgather And grey mists and fleeting clouds arise and glide They do not whirl about nor break away in any shape A white sail Afar Together (Northern Crown Crossway)

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