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Crevice Weeds Writings—«waifs of many a wreck»—motley and fragmentary writings—sketchy and faulty—failed, perhaps—unconfined—along the borders, upon the thresholds and into the chinks of literature, «as foam that the sea-winds fret»…

The Reason Why: Another Cluster of Quotations

Mich sollten billig gute Frauen,
Verständge, desto lieber schauen,
Wenn noch ein Weib mir freundlich lacht,
Weil ich dies Werk zum Schluss gebracht.
Geschah das einer Frau zu Ehren,
Die soll mir süßen Dank gewähren.

Enveiez i, si liert bel.
Si il le receit bonement
E joius seit del mandement,
Seure seiez de s’amur

not to make her understand
nor to make it plain nor to see
what would have shaken from her sieve
but dreams and shapes to share with her
and live

Part of that life that feeds the world with love:
Yea, heart in heart is molten, hers and his,
Into the world's heart and the soul that is
Beyond or sense or vision

* Wolfram von Eschenbach, Parzival, XVI, 827, 25
** Marie de France, Eliduc, 356-361
William Butler Yeats, «Words»
*** Algernon Charles Swinburne, Tristram of Lyonesse, «Joyous Guard»


Argante 28/02/2008 12:17

alessandro sono argante. Prova a liggarti con la pas
dovrebbe essere a posto, poi cambia la pass come preferisci